Monday, November 20, 2006

Chrs wonders

How many bloggers really get fired.

It does demonstrate some of the fear surrounding a new medium. It feels to me that a few memes were perpetuated about blogs early on. Remember the reports of people getting fired for writing about their jobs online? Probably true. Possibly overreactive by the employers and more than likely a less-than-smart move on the part of the employee. But these couple of cases caused a near panic in the uninitiated. "What's this blog? I don't even know what a blog is." I feel we get panicky about our privacy in this country. So, it naturally follows that in a soul-baring medium like the online journal, this is a hot topic.


coturnix said...

This is an interesting case:

coturnix said...

I see she deleted everything - darn. Anyway, she blogged (negatively) about a job candidate and got outed and got in big trouble with her department. She made nice with everyone in the end, but quit blogging because of it.