Monday, November 02, 2009

Hyperlocal...and more

Kevin asked a great question Monday night. Noting that legacy media companies have downsized, he speculated that new models would rise up. "Where are all these journalists going to go?" he asked. Next week, you will get one answer when one or more people from the Connecticut News Project vist our class. It's a nice opportunity for us, because not much is known, officially, about this undertaking. So one of your jobs is to prepare a series of questions for CNP.

Look at A citizen journalist or blogger cannot easily travel through physical space, not the way he or she can through cyberspace. Can't get on the Obama press plane or go to Aghanistan. But most of us move pretty easily through the physical space of where we live, our little town. The thing about Patch is that it sometimes seems a little boring. The election in Darien, has gone nuts. But would you know that, looking at the home page?

So pretend you're a hyperlocal reporter, and record Election Day in your town on your blog, at least as you experience it.

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Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, the news you link to on The Advocate was originally broken by Patch:

Sounds more like a presentation quibble than a problem with the coverage, no?