Sunday, November 01, 2009

Do not shirk Shirky!!!

I hope you have been reading Shirky all week. I'm going to start offering some supportive materials here, including, for Chapter One, the infamous website itself. If you read down the bottom links, it's kind of funny the ways he is pissed off at Wikipedia and competitive with the dog poop girl. He is mentioned here. So is she. (I think one of the things WP is doing is categorize misc. stuff.) Worth reading vis a vis our topic right now.

It's sort of karmically weird, but the particular device that was stolen turned out to have a subsequent history.
The sidekick crash was big news and created other side dramas.
I keep coming back to what Courtney has written about the question: to what degree does all this kind of data -- stored elsewhere -- represent a kind of alternate consciousness? Maybe that's why we need new narratives about what happens to it.

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