Monday, November 30, 2009

All in all a typical day in TrinblogVoxLand

OK, Lisa is freaking out but in a really really interesting post and she wants an iPhone and intends to contribute to democracy and become part of complete storytelling.

Dan worries that people are blinded by the shining promise of technology without really insisting on the preservation of any humanistic standards to go with it. He is both pessimisatic and strangely hopeful.

And Courtney found this remarkable next-phase of the New York Times and correctly (I think) delved into Creative Commons because she noted the angst in the online world over who owns what as copyright ahd paywalls and the in-out flow of information becopme more pressing issues. The basic CC argument, I think, is: to get more famous, don't charge money. But don't lose ownership. Then, if and when you get famous you can think some more of it. Noted that Lessig (see ignorance post) licenses his book through CC.

Nobody asked me, but I think there's a backlash coming against the free flow of information. Consider the Fairey/AP case.
And then there's Murdoch's block Google movement, which we need to talk about tonight.

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