Monday, November 23, 2009

Teach me about Twitter

Some basics: Cortney C. has some useful guides and hints.
And Kasey found a very cool way of telling the story of T.

This, via Corutney A.

Sally: "Like a small, easy Web."
How Courtney C. came to like Twitter (better than blogging, anyway).
Sheila, on why she likes it.
Greg on why he likes it -- a very McLuhanian take.
Courtney A. just doesn't frackin' like it. And you know she tried. And I know what she means, too. Twitter almost isn't enough of a place. She also found this response to unflattering Twitter theories.
Jess really tried too. But it seemed hollow.
I like this (via Lisa) about the political uses of Twitter. And this which calls it a totally alien form of communcation

Matt D. "Real time story telling."
And poetry!
Matt Fitz on hashtags.
Kasey: Cultivate an audience and watch the news go by.
Searching. (Kasey found that and said this. We should try an in-class experiment.) I like the idea that you can get unbranded information, but so far in my experiments, I didn't find much,. Wrong search topics?
David says when you post a question, someone answers.

Greg likes the geostamping., but Allison doesn't.
Courtney C likes this, instead of Tweedeck.

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