Monday, November 02, 2009

You, Crowdsourcing

Dan thinks we could have crowd sourced the whole book.

Courtney wonders if we are all historians now. I'll let her elaborate.

The question at the end of this Kasey post is a great one. (and thank you, Jess and Sheila for commenting.)

Jess is mulling the nature of free effort. Some of the examples of crowdsourcing here are interesting to contemplate.

Courtney has found a new thinker she likes. She studies the ways people communicate. Interestingly, Jess has a story that kind of syntheiszes that thinking.

This is Shirky (via Courtney) on the dark side of crowdsourced movements. It DOES seem as though boycotts are a natural fit with crowdsourcing. I have some ideas about building, instead.

Kasey knows Meetup. And likes it.

Actually, one of these quotes cited by M. Dwyer is one I'm not sure I agree with. I think Jess has the same problem I do. And it wasn't just the white bicycles either.

Sheila is not sure she believes the old media will be Shirkianly obsolete. Neither is Jess. And Lisa is intrigued by the whole definition question. One thing we learned, thanks to Jess, is that Shirky is not sanguine about it. Not dancing on the grave at all.
Lisa gives the subject a second look. I like the phrase "nascent phase of mass amatuerization."

Greg, on stolen phones. What makes something go viral?

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