Monday, November 23, 2009

Kevin Knows Twitter

Here are his fave five.

Here's my list of 5 potential uses of Twitter:1. Crowd-Sourcing: A quick
search for a hashtag or trending topic will give one a pretty good idea as to
what the masses are saying about it. This was initially more difficult without
the use of a client desktop application but since Twitter has implemented a
viable search on their own site, this is a quick and easy process. Let's say I
wanted to see what Eagles fans thought about Sunday Night Football. Search for "Iggles" and there you go.2.
News Source: One can get breaking news information quicker on Twitter than any
place else on the 'net. Whether you choose to follow news organizations such as
the NY Times or rely strictly on the
idea of citizen journalism, a Twitter user can get to the point info fast and
easy.3. Blogging Platform: Tired of writing longer blog entries? Twitter
alleviates that with it's 140 character restriction. When a Twitter user is
efficient and up to date (Adam
), you can get the information you want without having to sift
through a longer blog entry. Twitter forces the user to boil down his/her post
to the bare minimum, a blast of information without the (sometimes) needless
opinion.4. Keeping up with Friends: An offshoot of #3 and an intrusion on
Facebook's (which has essentially adopted Twitter's format for their news feed)
territory, one could use Twitter for what doubters hate Twitter for. If you want
to tweet that you're sitting watching TV while eating Cheetos, have at it. Just
don't expect anyone other than your friends to follow you.5. Meeting New People:
While Facebook is designed for keeping track of people you know, Twitter is much
easier to find people with similar interests and seeing what they have to say.
Utilize the excellent WeFollow and you can
find Twitterers for just about any topic you want to learn about.

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