Monday, November 09, 2009

Texas news project

Just in time for Paz and CNP comes the impressive Texas Trib.
As Borat would sat, "We like!"
One of their goals (promise/bargains?) is a tight focus.

MFitz reports that Seattle has more of an informal fusion system.

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Lisa said...

It'll be interesting to see whether, over time, the Trib. will manage to keep its tight focus on Texas state politics and policy. How will they handle the grey areas, where politics overlaps other, less pertinent subjects (like, for instance, some sort of personal scandal involving a politician), especially if financial pressures rear their ugly heads? In the meantime, I applaud the Trib.'s ability to stay focused when faced with the Fort Hood incident on the grounds that it was in fact "not their story." It's a fine example of journalistic integrity, I think - especially since someone could probably have dreamt up some political spin on some aspect of the Fort Hood story.