Monday, November 16, 2009

The proverbial this and that

Only Courtney would have found this, but here is the website referenced in this research paper. (And here is the support group for non-profit sites.)
The thing about MyMissourian is that there's a friendliness we might like to preserve and/or copy, even if we acknowledge that the site is too random. The look and feel kind of reaches (come of) the people. Read Courtney's meditation on content, especailly her interesting assertion that online content if often presumed "alternative."

Kevin tackled the Sports question.

Blink: How about that first impression?
Here's Allison.
Courtney has a few she likes.
Mfitz cruised the Webbys. Good idea.
John cites a few sources for thoughts about design. He likes simple and clean and useable.
And this post from Lisa suggests that, in terms of courting millennials, John may be right.

Comments and interaction:
I'm sort of worried about Dan. In this post, he actually embraces the viewpoint of online culture. It's also a very well done overview of the interactivitiy question.
Jess shows you what a blogback looks like.
Very nice post by Lisa on commenting policies.

I like Matt Dwyer's idea of tying in blogs by subject.

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