Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"The Road"

Getting warmed up.
I'm pretty sure I taught this video in 2005, my first class about the internet. Weidly enough, as Aldon Hynes will say, some its predictions have already come true but a lot of its implicit questions have not really been figured out even now.

Another question for next Monday:
Is there a safe way to manage your web identity?

Much more to come.


Matt Dwyer said...

This organization has a similar objective, and it is already in operation, although it seems to be limited to web site sign-in.

Matt Dwyer said...

Based on the description of DandyID, I wonder if it could allow a user's personal information to be propagated in MORE places across the web. Usually when I fill out an online sign-up, I provide as little information as possible. A site like this might simply dump all (or at least more than required) of its data at each site.