Monday, November 09, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

As several of you discovered, Jeff Jarvis is one of the go-to guys on this whole topic.

The Pay Model. Sally does not think the paid content question is resolved.
Here is how it gets argued out.
Lisa worries that the generosity model is too unstable.

Push and pull: how do you get audience and engagement?
That's mentioned, a bit in this post from Jess. I think it;s right that social skills become more important.


Comments and other citizen participation.

Aesthetics. Which contribute to the blink factor. And the feel and personality.

John wonders what, exactly, people care about.
Sally says there should be some way to fund journalism that is not sexy.

MFitz found this cool town news aggregator, so I plugged Jess's town into it.
And Jess found this, which has more to do with tools and collaboration.
MDwyer wonders if CNP should work collaboratively

I think Courtney A. is right that this is where the term hylo comes from .
Matt worries that PR is the new journalism.

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